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Today more than ever it is vitally important to take care of ourselves through activities that keep us active and allow us to nourish our mental and emotional health. Nothing better to achieve this goal than wakeboarding. Let’s remember that this activity is a sport that suits all ages, and without being a professional you can practice this fun activity.
That’s why we want to introduce you to the newest products in wakeboard 2021 with their advantages so that you can buy your own equipment this new year. You can use this activity together with your family and friends whenever you want, without resorting to expensive equipment rentals, bringing together the best of the best in wakeboarding.

Wakebord is an activity that never goes out of fashion, every year there are more and more people who dare to live the experience of maneuvering between wakes while the rider performs driving manoeuvres and it is not only this modality that gains followers but also the fans of the wake park feel totally attracted to make important jumps over the obstacles, challenging even the most experienced of the riders. That is why you can’t miss out on the new year’s news.

Simple Wake News for 2021

When we talk about quality at the best price we cannot refer to other equipment but what the Ronix brand brings us, its precise designs, its high range in quality together with the excellent prices, make this brand the perfect combination to choose for this new year. Find out here what it brings us.

Ronix One Blackout Technology

Among the novelties in Wake board 2021 brought to us by this renowned brand, we can mention the Ronix One Blackout Technology boat board created for advanced riders who have already completely mastered the challenges on the wakes. Its main quality is the 3 stage rocker, with which you will have all the precision you require to execute the manoeuvres, as you leave each wake adding that explosive pop that will make you stand out from the rest. In addition to this, the blackout technology together with the lightness of its core makes the take-off and landing an ultra smooth experience with total control of its driving.

Accompanying this innovative creation by Danny Harf, we can suggest the Ronix One 2021 boots, being the most advanced in the line of Ronix products, its manufacture in carbon fibre Carbitex, gives this element a total comfort and external flexion, in addition its orthopaedic insoles and toe tagging make the complexion complete, giving the rider greater precision in movements on the boat or cable board, no doubt a product that is a must in your equipment.

Ronix RXT Blackout 2021

Considering the above to offer the highest quality to wakeboard fans, the Ronix RXT Blackout 2021 continuous rocker was created with which you achieve total consistency of movement as well as smooth movement and landings contained in the best innovation in terms of design and technology created by Massi. The landing of your tricks on the plane with this board will be unique, thought for the most advanced riders who seek to revolutionize their riding.

To complete your equipment and improve your practice of this water sport, you should also take along the boots from the Ronix RXT 2021 boot line, which together with the board make the perfect pair for performing the most explosive movements that will set you apart from the rest. Its innovative and lightweight design will make you fly like a true pro of the wake, in addition it is the first in its style, created the heel and the tip with the technology Ronix FlexForm for a better personalized fit and flexion.

Ronix One Time Bomb Fused Core 2021

Another novelty is the Simple wake 2021, a pair that will give you an incredible performance in the wake by boat. The Ronix One Time Bomb Fused Core 2021 board together with the Black Anthracite Boots 2021, are some of the best products that the brand brings to pamper its most advanced fans in practice.

On the one hand the 3 stage board, with an improved lower design, gives you more speed and control, with its sophisticated incorporation of fiberglass you will be able to execute a more explosive hit when leaving the wake, faster movements and you will reach more height in your jumps. To accompany this flawless performance Black Anthracite boots will give you the comfort you need when performing manoeuvres, with the flexibility guaranteed by its materials and 3D moulded toe technology for improved fit and performance.

Ronix Supreme Sandwich ATR 2021

Among the many options you have to choose from in our shop, with the best equipment, we can not fail to mention another of the novelties in Wakeboard 2021, the Ronix Supreme Sandwich ATR 2021 board, created for all tastes in terms of rocker. Its hybrid design makes it a versatile creation for the most advanced riders, it keeps the water going continuously combined with the explosive jump of the three stages.

Its sandwich-style creation intersperses a lightweight Air Core between two sheets of wood, giving it a pop-up ride with which you combine the blast of the wake with the wooden board feel of the park. An innovation by Ronix that achieves smoother jumps, clean performance at the edges of the wake and consistency of movement.

This unique hybrid board cannot be without the perfect complement, boots at the same level of excellence, as are the Ronix Supreme 2021 boots, whose most outstanding feature is their Super Straps adjustments that add to their design an impeccable personalized fit, with which you can choose where to exert more pressure on the boot for greater comfort, along with the Intuicion lining is a guarantee of comfort and functionality.

The new wakeboard innovations in 2021 only make you want to get in the water, to demonstrate the innovations in design and technology that Ronix brings to all those advanced riders and those who are on their way to becoming the most pro on the wakes.

Knowing all the advantages that each board offers, only increases the desire to excel in this exciting practice being the most difficult to choose between so many options you have in Simple Wake.

If you are looking for quality and better prices you have come to the perfect place to choose and equip yourself for this 2021, overcoming your own challenges.

Simple Wake has everything a pro rider needs, just a click away.


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