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If your thing is to live to the fullest and enjoy an exciting water sport, such as wakeboarding, and you are thinking that it is time to make a smart investment in your personal equipment, which is of quality and with excellent prices, our outlet area is the place for you, with the best selection in products of the best brands.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out in wakeboarding, the more you practice this exciting water sport, the more you will want to acquire the ideal equipment for you, that suits your needs, level of experience and taste. Choosing the board that fits your skill level from the wakes, the vest that fits your complexion or even the right boots, will be the challenge you face when selecting from the items available in our outlet store.

For the practice of wakeboarding, every professional will recommend, once you master the basic maneuvers, that you use the appropriate equipment to improve your performance, considering quality, recognized brands and your level of experience. Besides the above, if we add a good price, it will be the plus that will determine an intelligent choice of the equipment you require. We have opened a space with excellent options when choosing your equipment, with unique offers in the wakeboard market, considering the items of the best brands and best technology.

Nowadays it is common to get some Packs that combine the basic items in wakeboarding, as it is the case of those that include board and boots, as you will get them in our outlet of the Ronix brand. If your favorite mode is cable park, the Ronix PRESS will be a good option. This is an incredible pro board, ideal for running clean ollies with its unparalleled flexible design, as well as, from the same brand you will find the Top Noch model, whose super light and flexible design will make your wakeboard experience a moment of total fun, giving it that unique design of tip and soft tail accompanied by an ultra slim profile.

If the cable park is not your thing, you can get the unique pack for boat, a combination of the board Rocker CAMBER, created to maneuver between the wakes as a whole pro, its innovative design is designed to reduce friction with the water, and take high sliding speed. The above mentioned packs come with the Ronix DIVIDE pair, which are boots with a perfect fit to the foot through a sophisticated lacing system. You will not believe the prices of these equipments, of excellent quality and unique designs, chosen in our outlet especially for you.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of changing your wakeboard, this is the moment to take advantage of our outlet offers, because you will be able to acquire an excellent board at an unbeatable price. For this we have chosen the brand Ronix, in its One ATR and Darkside models both for boat, whose rider is the perfect combination of precision for its 3 stages, in addition to the profile with the lowest water resistance. As for the cable models, at your disposal are the Top Notch and Kinetik Project Springbox 2, in its versions 2018 and 2019, for advanced riders, are two pieces recommended if you seek speed and master that ollie that will distinguish you among the most pro wakepark, its particular design of flex tips is ideal for high-level maneuvers. This way you will have a new piece of equipment at an incredible price.

The wakeboard boots are another indispensable implement in this sport, considering the flex and the type of linkage in this season we have chosen three models recommended for their quality and design, the brand Ronix. Among them you will find the Supreme EXP 2019, whose removable boot design will allow you to walk freely in your favorite wakepark, the Preston Boot- Gun metal, which is part of the range of high performance boots allowing you to move from one side to another, because of its brainframe design, and finally the Kinetik Project 2017, a model that combines the flexible inside and rigid outside.

Among the less considered but highly relevant products we have chosen the best quality and innovative wakeboard vests, thinking about your safety while you enjoy this exciting sport. Making a careful selection among the best brands of vests you can find at unbeatable prices, the model Bill Impact Vest, Ronix brand, excellent quality, especially for men. Or if you are looking for a vest that is characterized by its lightweight design, and allows you freedom of movement, the Hyperlite Webb NCGA model, is for you, includes a small front pocket and its 3D design of maximum fit will make its use a multifunctional experience.

Also the Mystic Shred Impact models, made of neoprene, with front closure and internal adjustments, and the one by Nick Davies Impact, also made of neoprene, a resistant material, making it ideal for wakeboarding. These are products that will make it difficult for you to choose just one option because of the indisputable prices.

Finally, an accessory that cannot be missing, either to replace it in your personal equipment or to keep it as a spare, so as not to lose this offer, we suggest the purchase of the Pack Palonier y Cuerda, of the Ronix brand, a necessary equipment that you will not get again at these competitive prices, of high resistance, that will provide you with safety while you slide between the wakeboard wakes in the boat.

Without a doubt, wakeboarding is an exciting sport, whether you are an expert or just a novice who wants to experience it. You must live this aquatic experience, always counting on the best equipment, and the best advice. In our outlet store, you will find this and more, at unbeatable prices.

If you still have doubts, go to our online store, and check our offers, with specialized technical advice on wateboard.



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