Warming up before wakeboarding


If you are going to enter the water, don’t forget to warm up and stretch beforehand.

In any sporting activity, no matter how recreational it may seem, there are two prior steps that should not be skipped, in order to prevent your muscles and joints from ruining the moment with an injury.

Many people skip the warm-up and stretching step in wakeboarding, underestimating how beneficial this simple practice can be to your performance, as well as prevent injuries and cramps that can take you out of the water sooner than expected. Regardless of your physical condition or age, it’s best to warm up before getting in the water.

So here’s some information that can help you keep your body flexible and reduce the soreness that the activity can cause the day after. Stretching your muscles will also help to build up strength and endurance during the activity.

Pre-wakeboarding workouts

Before getting into the water, we recommend the following activities that will greatly improve your fitness and endurance in the water. They are very simple exercises, so be sure to do them.

Neck stretches

As simple as it may seem, neck stretches allow your neck muscles to relax and be ready for more intense movements. Some people use circular movements to begin with, but some feel that this can be a bad thing if you are not careful with this type of exercise.

It is recommended to lift your chin forward and upwards until you feel the front of your neck stretching. This position is held for 5 seconds, rest and change to another direction. You can combine this exercise by tilting your head slightly to the left and right.

Do as many repetitions as necessary until your muscles feel relaxed.

Pull-ups or barbells

This is perhaps one of the most important warm-up exercises for anyone involved in wakeboarding. It requires exercising the muscles involved in holding on to the rope to be able to manoeuvre with agility and make the changes while holding on to a rope on a boat at over 25 km/h.

For this, the arm muscles must be prepared, strengthened and warm. It is recommended that during the practice of this exercise you concentrate on extending your lower body and bring your chin to at least the height of the bar, maintaining control over your body at all times.

Alternate between a wide grip and a narrow grip, doing at least three repetitions in each position.

Jump rope

When it comes to activating the cardiovascular system, one of the best exercises is jumping rope. The routine is different for each athlete, and will depend on whether you have done any other activating exercise. However, it usually starts with 50 jumps at a leisurely pace, then alternates between 25 jumps with each foot and then back to jumping with both feet, but at a faster pace.

Hanging the legs

To perform this exercise, you should hang from a bar with your arms fully extended and your feet together. While your legs are straight, slowly raise them for one second. When your legs have reached a 90-degree angle, count “one Mississippi” and then slowly lower them.

Do a few repetitions until you feel a little exhaustion in your muscles.

With these warm-up and stretching exercises you will feel more energetic and prepare your body before your wakeboarding practice. This ensures that your body is prepared and strengthened to perform the most extreme wakepark manoeuvres and that you have a great time without injury.


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