Take your wakeboarding to the next level with the best brands.


If your passion is wakeboarding, you need to equip yourself with the best of the best. That’s why it’s essential that you know the best brands of all the equipment you’ll need to take off between the wakes or do your manoeuvres in the Wakepark, like a pro Wakeboard rider. Find out about the brands that take your riding to the next level here.

Before choosing the equipment that will accompany you in your performance, you should consider the type of wakeboarding you are going to practice, whether cable or boat wakeboarding, as well as your level of experience, whether you are a professional rider or maybe you are just starting out.

These are key points to choose all the equipment you will need.

Having clarified this point, there are different models and brands that you will find on the market, so the choice will not be easy, and price is not always a good indicator to choose from.

Remember that in order to choose the right equipment you should do it trusting in the quality that only the most recognised brands in the wake can guarantee. Remember that each one of them are brands that come advised and certified by the best wake surfers in the world.

Here we make a tour of the best brands, to facilitate your decision and start performing in this fascinating sport with the best wakeboard equipment.

Best brands of wakeboards and wakeboarding equipment

Buying products from a brand that is known for its quality is one of the best ways to ensure you make a good purchase. Here are the best brands you’ll find in the wakeboarding world:


When it comes to Ronix, it’s synonymous with technological innovation, quality and impeccable designs.

This is one of the best positioned brands in the wake market, between the wide range of products offered to all its public and the high quality of the materials used in the creation of each element, are aspects that make it the favourite brand among the most extreme riders.

Its founder Herb O’Brien, with a long career in the water sports sector and the pioneer and creator of the first compression-moulded Wakeboard, under the Hyperlite brand, has managed to promote the brand as one of the favourites in the sector.

Its multiple articles designed for the rider’s comfort and performance while executing their manoeuvres have made the difference in each of its products, among them the boots along with the wakeboard are the most requested and used equipment in the Wakepark by numerous athletes.

In addition we can not leave out the accessories, waistcoats, bags, paddles and cables, whose quality, strength and durability have made them the best complement.
Professionals such as Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Parks Bonifay and Parks Bonifay stand behind the innovations and quality of this brand’s products. So you can be sure that this is one of the best wakeboard brands available.


On the list of the best brands of wakeboarding products we can’t pass up.
Hyperlite is another of the leading brands in the market whose quality, durability and popularity has led them to sponsor professionals such as Rusty Malinoski and Shaun Murray, among others also prominent.

Another hallmark of certified quality, Herb O’Brien, the brand’s founder, worked with experts to design and manufacture Hyperlite’s first-ever compression-moulded, neutral buoyancy wakeboard.

Hyperlite’s wakeboards are one of the brand’s signature items for their innovation in creating lightweight designs that make pro riders fly through wakes and maintain clean launches on every obstacle in the wakepark.

Undoubtedly one of the preferred brands by the leading riders in the world of cable and boat wakeboarding.

Liquid Force

The Liquid Force brand has been known worldwide since 1995. Its long history is one of the most remarkable features of the brand that has led it to position itself among the most recognized in the sport.

Its strong point is the boards and accessories for wakeboarding, being the reference to build a complete equipment with the quality guarantee of more than 20 years in the sector.

The articles with the Liquid Force guarantee have sought to position themselves by creating an innovative experience for those who practice this water sport, becoming the sponsoring brand of great professionals in the world of wakeboarding.


One of the brands that has been gaining recognition and prestige among wakeboard enthusiasts is Connelly, which is a growing company in the creation and production of boards for all water sports of excellent quality.
The wide range of technologies they use is one of the features that sets them apart from the other companies they compete with, so they are always at the forefront of the latest innovations in manufacturing.
If you are immersed in water sports, you should not miss these brands as options to build the most pro Wakepark equipment.
With each of them you can be assured that you will have wakeboarding equipment of the highest quality and most recent technological innovation, as well as certified by the most prominent manufacturers such as Obrien, Slingshot, Jobe, just to mention a few.
Live your experience hand in hand with the best brands in Wakeboarding.


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