The correct way to carry the boat when wakeboarding


Dragging a person who is wakeboarding is not that difficult, but to do so you must know all the safety measures and considerations to take into account so that you can engage in this exciting water sport in an effective way.

Not everyone who is part of wakeboarding is a person who rides through the wakes of a boat, there are also those who make the proper equipment and those who operate the boats for wakeboarding. All are important, but the latter carries with it the responsibility of being in charge of an unconventional crew member.

If you own a boat and want to take part in wakeboarding, you will have to learn everything you need to know to use the boat correctly and safely.

It is essential that as a rider you have the focus and concentration to maintain speed and stability, and that you have the necessary equipment. Obviously before you start practising with a rider anchored to the boat, you must know how the boat behaves at certain speeds as well as how to make the changes gradually. The more you get to know the boat and practice, the more efficient and easier it will become.

Here are some practical tips that you should not miss when handling the boat for a good wakeboarding performance.

Tips for boat handling when wakeboarding

Whether you are an experienced boat driver or wakeboarder, we recommend that you keep the following points in mind:

Riding at a safe speed for wakeboarding

To start with, you need to know that there is a minimum and maximum speed for driving a rider through the wakes, the lowest being 20 km/h and the highest being 37km/h. This is recommended, however, it is not recommended that you drive at a safe speed. This is recommended, but can vary according to the rider’s experience, with the more advanced riders needing more thrust to execute their advanced manoeuvres.

A totally different scenario than dragging children or youngsters.

Keeping a constant speed

Once you know the limits of speed, you need to keep it constant for a certain amount of time, which is perhaps the most difficult part of riding a wakeboard boat.
Sudden changes in speed can cause the rider to lose balance, and sudden braking can cause an accident. Therefore, keeping the speed constant is key to avoid interfering with the practice, which can even be responsible for losing a championship.

Use the right equipment

Even if you are the one driving the wakeboard boat, having the right equipment will make it easier for you in times of contingencies. To do this on your own, you can find out what is the most recommended safety equipment for water sports, as well as having a basic safety kit and a small first aid kit.

It is also important to make sure that the ropes to which the rider is attached are not elastic. A bungee rope causes instability when the rider makes his or her movements and the flashy colours are elements that everyone should be aware of for safety, for which there is specific equipment in wakeboarding.

Ropes should provide good grip, such as eva foam padding.

Make sure your boat has the recommended weight.

When a rider moves between the wakes he always goes for more. He always wants to overcome new challenges and sizes.

For those who drive the boat, not only safety plays an indispensable role in the wake, but also the ability to create attractive wakes that challenge every rider. One of the important elements to achieve this is to increase the weight at the stern, which produces higher wakes on the wake course.

However, it should be noted that not everyone creates them in the same way, so it may be necessary to add more weight. A simple way to adjust the weight correctly is to add passengers and move them around until the weight is adjusted so that the boat creates larger wakes.

If riding a wakeboard boat is your true passion, you can consider these recommendations and enjoy the ride.


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