What you need to know when dragging the rider with a wakeboard boat.


Everyone is important in water sports, from the skier to the wakeboard boat rider, and your performance can help or hinder your maneuvers.

So when pulling the skier in a wakeboard boat or boat, you must not only create wakes, but also know some safety basics, such as how to pick up a fallen rider as well as the aspects of speed and starting.

Remember that your big mission is to ensure that the pro skier or beginner has the necessary support to maneuver on the wakes.

And also to have a fun time on the water.

An important point for those who drive a boat for wake or water skiing will be to calculate the appropriate speed, although less safety will guarantee less painful falls for the skier, it will also be necessary that the driver can maintain the driving at speeds between 35 km / h and more.

As well as this there are many other facts we want to share to make dragging a skier a totally rewarding experience for both rider and driver.

Wakeboard boat engine

Although these boats are of the inboard shaft type, that is, they are inside the boat, it is recommended that the engine is turned off while the skier or rider enters the water and gets ready on the skis.

This means less risk for the person, in case it is not possible to make sure that the boat is as far away as possible from the skier or rider.

Everything in its right place

It may sound redundant, but it does not hurt to check the essentials of the boat, among which you can remember items such as:

Wakeboard rope: that it has the necessary characteristics to lead the skier and that it remains taut during the ride for a better experience.

Ballast: this section is what produces the wave, if you think the wakes are not big enough, you can choose to add more weight in the back. There are a few options that you can check with your dealer.

Wakeboard towers: when the rider or skier uses the rope, it is usually attached at a point quite close to the water which tends to produce knots, the ideal is to make sure it is well adjusted and in the case of the towers, check the screws every 30 hours of use and make sure the material is of quality.

Advance when the skier is ready

Before you start injecting power into the wakeboard boat, check:

The rope is taut.
The tip of the ski or board is out of the water.
The skier or rider with bent knees pointing to the boat.

Once this preliminary check is done, start the boat with a minimum speed, then increase it according to the profile of the person, especially if they are children.


Keep driving in a straight line, with a predetermined trajectory and a constant speed according to the level of the rider or skier will be the best way to drive safely.

Unexpected braking or making turns at sharp angles can cause accidents. Therefore, it will be important to follow recommendations when towing a skier on the ski or wakeboard.



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